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We have switched our payments system from PayPal to Stripe, because the transaction fees are lower and they provide cover for our payments.

This simply means that if you want to buy ranks, you need to select Stripe.

PayPal has been removed.

With Stripe it is even easier to check out with a Credit/Debit card - it is a 2-step process!

As always, if you want to buy ranks with a simple text message, PayGol is still available.



Donation shop back online

solly576 a posted Jan 25, 14
Sorry for the short outage - the donation shop is back online now.

Hi Mcskylanders,
Many of you have seen our new Donor area for all those that have purchased Ranks at Mcskyalnds
Just a little something extra to say thank you to all you awesome Donators. To visit the Donor area just do /warp donor

The new Donor area includes:
Auto resetting Donor Mine (With Ores)
Donor shop with exclusive shop items including spawn eggs and other op blocks.
Mob grinder (that never goes dry)
Enchanting area
Cow Arena with an endless supply of cows to kill.

Play our fun minigames that pays out diamonds to the winner at /warp minigames
Hungergames (that has more then 20 chest hidden in the map)

NOTE: Take your diamond winnings and sell them in the /shop for game cash to buy other items in the /shop you might need.

There are tons of ways to make game cash for free players on Myskylands with plenty of items in the /shop you can sell, let your imagination go wild expanding your island creating them into your vision with friends. Visit our auto resetting Mcskylands Auto Resetting cobble mine to mine up all the cobble you will need for your creation totally free you supply your pics at /warp cobble

If you need to know how to do some cool things visit /tutorial and vital island commands are on the command board at /spawn.

Don't forget if you are an Admiral or above you have the command /fly. Allowing you to fly out of /spawn and open mine.

Have a great weekend,

Server Full? Can't Join?

solly576 a posted Jan 19, 14
If you can't join because the server is full, please consider purchasing VIP or above here and you will be instantly allowed access.

You will then be able to join whenever the server is full, plus get loads more benefits!
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