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Launchers are going to automatically update to 1.8. I recommend you let it update to 1.8 then close minecraft so you dont have to update later when you want to play on 1.8. So now i'm going to tell you how to go back to 1.7.10 so you can play on the server.

1. Once you let minecraft update to 1.8 close your minecraft.
2. Start up your minecraft and wait until you get to the screen that has the play button on it.
3. To the left of the play button there will be somethings that say "Profile: your ign" look under it and there's 2 buttons New Profile and Edit Profile click the Edit one.
4. A screen will pop up after you click it. Now look for something that says Use Version click the box with the minecraft version and search for 1.7.10.
5. Now you just have to click Save Profile at the bottom
6. That is it all you have to do is click Play and now you can enjoy playing on old servers in 1.7.10.

When the server actually does go to 1.8 just repeat steps 3-5 but instead look for 1.8, save and click play and you'll be able to play 1.8.

Now it was said that 1.8 is coming out on the 2nd of September, but i am not entirely sure if they have changed the date of the release.

The server will not be updating to 1.8 until bukkit release a server update.

Server updates are totally different then single player updates.

Thanks in advance and thanks to InTheShadows for writing this for everyone.

Flash Labor Day Rank Sale!

[Owner] DadFultosa aOwnerGod posted Aug 31, 14
Flash Labor Day Sale 50% off ranks do /buy in game or go to before the sale ends!

Enjoy Dad
Now get yourself a FREE spawner cage yep TOTALLY FREE!
here is how to get it!
1.) Join our new FB page for mcskylands at
2.) once your approved in the group put a message in the group with your in game name.
3.) go to a locked chest that is yours only and put in a ticket by doing /ticket at that locked chest
     that you want me to put the free spawner cage in!
4.) I will check tickets a few times a day and go give out free cages. ONE PER PLAYER ONLY!

If all steps are not followed you will not get your cage. :-)

Get your mining on today at Mcskylands!

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Explorer Challenge

[Owner] DadFultosa aOwnerGod posted Jun 27, 14
I have added the correct map in the "/warp shop" that you will need to complete the explorer challenge until the skyblock plugin is rewritten as anything changed in it will not save to disk, the developer has to rewrite it in the code due to minecrafts changes.

Again if you want to complete the explorer challenge then buy the correct map in the "/warp shop"

Don't harp on me that you have to buy it with in game money as that is easily made just by voting at

Have fun,


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