Server Fatal Crash

[Owner] DadFultosa aOwnerGod posted Dec 9, 14
Hi players, Here is a bunch of questions you will probably ask and here is the answers as well!

What happened? Mcskylands for now has had a fatal crash!

Why? Between minecrafts 1.8 update and block glitching the server could take no more.

What is being done: We will be rebuilding Mcskylands just as fast as we can with what LIMITED Time we have to do so!

Will you still have your Ranks? Yes when the rebuild is completed.

Will your island still be the same? No, its a total server rebuild thanks to block glitching and 1.8 update.

When will it be complete: When its done! lol As most of you know I have very limited time do to my real life businesses sometimes only an hour per week to spare if that.

This will be a total server rebuild thanks to minecraft 1.8 and all the players loving to block glitch! We are talking perms and  everything else worlds the entire server so patients will be your best friend if you want the server back up.


P.s. If anyone wants to buy me out that has more time then me please get with me.
Includes all server files, the .org and .com by money ord+er only, serious inquiries only.

[JrMod] georgecooldude JrModGod Dad you don't have to do stuff by your self you've got us to help and I think we all want to help you.
IAMSLENDER123 DadFultosa you have done more than enough for this server, dont let it interfere with your family
[Owner] DadFultosa aOwnerGod Hey Solly, if you want it back to rebuild it your way get with me, I kept it going when life was to busy for you. So now ...