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The new Enjin page for the New McSkylands is

Hi everyone it is with a heavy heart I must say good bye I don't have time for the server and have not in a very long time I am way to busy in real life with my real life business my wife and I started that has turned pretty big.

So with that said, Mcskylands has a new owner.... drum roll please!

Mcskylands new owner is BlazingSlender!

Have a great summer everyone, it has been a fun experience.

Thank you all for the laughs, most of you knew how to cheer an old man up.

With tears in my eyes.. :-(

Dad out...

[God] Stayen_er_Metuar God Good luck in all your endeavors!
[Owner] BlazingSlender OwnerAdmin amen to that white ...
[Admira] whitezealot Admiral dad, all i got to say is this, you will always be welcomed back with open arms, we shall miss you,