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Explorer Challenge

[Owner] DadFultosa aOwnerGod posted Jun 27, 14
I have added the correct map in the "/warp shop" that you will need to complete the explorer challenge until the skyblock plugin is rewritten as anything changed in it will not save to disk, the developer has to rewrite it in the code due to minecrafts changes.

Again if you want to complete the explorer challenge then buy the correct map in the "/warp shop"

Don't harp on me that you have to buy it with in game money as that is easily made just by voting at

Have fun,


[God] georgecooldude God Hey dad I was wondering how to set up a warp and if u could come on and give me the rest of the commands that would be g ...
Use version 1.7.9 on your MC Launcher
How to do so:
1. Open your MC launcher
2. Click Run
3. Do not click play, but on your lower left corner click edit profile!
4. On "use version" choose version 1.7.9
5. Click save profile
6. Then click play,
7. Then Multiplayer
8. Choose Mcskylands and edit
9. Enter in ip:
10. Click done and you are ready to play Mcskylands and start your adventure!

If you need to know anything else about the New Mcskylands like world settings, rules and how to.
Feel free to visit

Have a great day!
Hi everyone,
Just to let you know has been born feel free to use ip: in your launchers.
Also a few other useful links:


Have a great day and invite your friends to play with you.

Hi Mcskylanders,
So far I have built and coded 4 games back into the new Mcskylands 4 level spleef, new snowball-fight course, parkour, lms. As we continue on I will be installing a few more.

Don't forget to invite all your friends to play @ Mcskylands!

Have a great evening,
Hi Mcskylanders,
Thank you all for your patience and understanding! Mcskylands is Now Open!!! Come play today! Add the new ip to your launcher